Our Culture

The Softworks Way – Softworks Culture

Softworks was built upon the principal that great people are the power behind great businesses. And in that vein, we believe that the key element to our success and strength to date is our outstanding team of employees. We are committed to attracting, motivating, empowering and retaining a team of exceptionally dedicated, talented employees, who have strong work ethics, are results oriented, who believe in and support our core values and who reflect the diverse businesses in which we operate.


Our Values

  • Our goal is to make a positive difference to the working lives of our users, their organization and employees.
  • We are committed to creating a unique, positive and memorable customer experience, to always be approachable and to actively search out and help customers when they need us most.
  • We invest in state of the art technology to develop, deliver and support our products and services.

What Defines Us

  • We hire great people. Talented, smart, passionate, solution orientated, creative people.
  • We are constantly developing and improving our products. We love to experiment, as this is how great products are developed.
  • We constantly think about the future. As we make decisions, we think about how these decisions could help our customers and help us grow into the company we want to become.
  • We listen; we know we have two ears and one mouth for a very good reason.

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