Today’s Integrated Workforce Management Solutions can give the healthcare sector the tools and processes they need to balance the high cost of labor, tight budgets, variable staffing needs, complex labor laws and union agreements without putting patient care, service, compliance or employee satisfaction at risk. Set out below are some of the common workforce management challenges our customers faced and the solutions we provided.

Absenteeism Reduction

Absenteeism is one of the most persistent obstacles to productivity, profitability and competitiveness. Early recognition, effective assessment and rapid intervention are key when it comes to managing absence in the workplace and can prevent absenteeism from becoming a long-term problem.

Standardized Policies

Ensuring that company policies and procedures are applied in a consistent and equitable manner across an organization can be extremely challenging. To assist, Softworks have developed a series of tools within our Workforce Solutions suite that encourage and track the consistent adoption of company policy.

The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a formula that can be used to measure employee absenteeism and is particularly useful for measuring short term absences, which are often considered more disruptive than long term. It measures the number of absence incidents and the duration of each incident to compute an absence score for each employee.

Workforce Analytics

Proactive analytics tools and reports ensure that you always have the information you need to align your workforce with your business objectives.

ERP Solutions

The Softworks Platform offers extensive workforce management capabilities together with real time, live data collection, KPI’s and reporting that leverage your Oracle ERP investment and improve the quality of your management information.

Work Life Balance

Your Automated Work-Life Balance Solution. With many employees citing flexible working hours as top criteria when choosing a new employer, do you find there is more and more pressure on your organization to accommodate employee needs.

Legislative Compliance

More and more companies are finding themselves in breach of legislative compliance. This can mean fines or even hefty compensation cases that can run into millions of euros. It’s not surprising really, when you consider the amount of new and updated legislation that occurs each year. Softworks solutions ensure that you are 100% compliant.

Annualized Hours

Recognized as an effective way to remove overtime and increase flexible working time, annualised hours is a system that has been adopted by many industries as an alternative to the more traditional, rigid systems where employees are paid “hourly” or “weekly”.

Easy to use solutions that meet the complex needs of Healthcare.
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