Choose from our extensive range of workforce management products below.

Time & AttendanceAutomates and standardizes company rules and work policies. Integrates with Payroll & HR and provides a real-time solution for managing your workforce.

Labor SchedulingSaves time, reduces costs and maximizes productivity by having the right person, in the right place, with the right skills, at the right time and at the right cost.

Absence ManagementReduces the complex and time-consuming administrative elements associated with sick pay processing and other unplanned and planned absences.

Access ControlSecure access control solution that allows organizations to authorize, monitor, report on and manage access to buildings & other restricted areas.

Flexible WorkingEmpowers organizations to effortlessly manage employees’ flexible working. Gives employees greater control and a better work-life balance.

HR Management SoftwareStreamlines processes, manages employee information and greatly reduces time-consuming data entry and other administrative tasks.

BiometricsProvides a secure and accurate means of clocking and access control. Includes finger scanning, hand geometry and facial recognition.

Expenses TrackingEnables organizations track, audit and report on expenses claimed by employees and eliminates the costly task of processing paper expenses.

Project Tracking SoftwareEnsures organizations maintain full and profitable control over every aspect of a project and its related expenses.

Training & Skills Tracking SoftwareFacilitates organizations to nurture employee learning & development ensuring organizations have the necessary skills and resources for today and the future.

Honor-based TimesheetsTrust based solution accommodating the complete spectrum of salary and hourly-paid, as well as on and off-site employees within a non-clocking culture & environment.

Alerter & Workflow ModuleImproves decision-making, saves time and ensures compliance. Proactive, configurable, event driven, real-time triggers, alerts and reports.

Employee Self-serviceSaves time, reduces costs and queries by giving employees greater control of their information. Includes personal details, vacations, shift swaps & entitlements.

Softworks ExpressSoftworks Express is our out of the box solution for immediate time & attendance requirements. Enjoy the benefits straight away, together with a platform and a software company that can meet your needs as they evolve.

Workforce AccessoriesID Cards & Badges – Proximity Fob’s – Lanyards – For all your accessories requirements, Softworks has a solution!

Easy to use solutions that meet the complex needs of Healthcare.
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